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Control System Integration Services


Fenton Systems, at no charge to our customer, will provide a proposal, which will define a solution (Small or Large) to meet your requirements. The proposal is the first step in implementing your project. It defines the functions to be performed, the services to be supplied, and the equipment required. It also provides the cost to implement the project.

If you have a control needs, simply E-Mail us the requirements at info@fentonsystems.com or give us a call at 810-636-6318, we will take it from there.

Design Specification:
Sometimes the project requires more detail definition then provided in a proposal before implementation begins to insure everyone understands the project goals. The design specification provides more details including functions to be provided, description of operation, operating procedures, operator display content, report content, alarm message list, enclosure size and quantity, equipment lists, performance requirements, etc.

Control Design:
  • Electrical diagrams, loop diagrams, P&I Diagrams, I/O diagrams, interconnection drawings, etc.
  • Equipment selection
  • Field instrumentation selection
  • Enclosure design with equipment list


  • Logic Design
  • MMI and HMI Configuration
  • Enclosure assembly and wiring
  • Operator and maintenance manuals

Each project is tested before it is shipped to the installation site. The following tests are performed:

  • Panel Test to insure panels are assembled and wired properly.
  • Functional test with I/O simulator to insure system performs the project requirements properly.

Startup and Commissioning:
Fenton Systems provides services to startup a system after it is installed. These services include:

  • Installation consulting
  • Panel Power up
  • Field wiring verification
  • Instrumentation calibration
  • System operational checkout
  • Operator training
  • As installed documentation